[Tinyos-help] Urgent Help required in developing C/C++ based Listener

Richard Figura richard.figura at uni-due.de
Sat Oct 1 23:59:31 PDT 2011

Hello Yasir,

maybe it helps you to have a look at the C-program "seriallisten". It provides 
the same output as "java.net.tinyos.tools.Listen", so I guess you can directly 
change it according to you needs :-)

You can find it in the $TOSDIR directory under:

Best Regards,

Am Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011, 20:30:25 schrieb Yasir Javed Kiani:

> Hi All
> I am developing a C/C++ (Windows) based Listener to capture the tinyos
> packets from COM port (provide BaseStation is attached to my COM port). My
> purpose is to receive the data just as "java.net.tinyos.tools.Listen"
> captures the data from BaseStation and use it then after. please guide If
> somebody can help in this regard.
> I have developed a small program in windows that can capture the packets
> from serial port but the data received is not correct or same as java
> Listener. I am attaching the program so that someone can have a look.
> Please, if anyone have done work in this regard, please provide guidance.
> Thanks in Advance
> Yasir Javed Kiani
> Research Engineer 
> R-TRACK project

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