[Tinyos-help] CTP - updateRouteTask

Francisco J. kitinz at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 03:12:28 PDT 2011

Hello, im working with CTP and have a question about it.

In the task 'updateRouteTask' implemented in the file
'ctpRoutingEngineP.nc', the first part the node scan each row in the
neighbor table:

        /* Find best path in table, other than our current */
        for (i = 0; i < routingTableActive; i++) {

The issue is that im debugging and put a trace in this scan (just toggle a
led) and i realize that the nodes never runs this piece of code :P

The app that nodes are running is TestNetworkLpl wich is provided by TinyOS,
just made a few changes on it but nothing that should interfere with CTP. Im
using Avrora to simulate the network and tried with static topologies
defined in a file and with random topologies that Avrora creates.

Any idea of why the nodes doesnt goes inside this 'for'?
Thank you!
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