[Tinyos-help] Error with TOSSIM

Gustavo Zanatta Bruno zanatta at ic.uff.br
Fri Aug 10 09:54:59 PDT 2012

Personal I'm having a problem when compiling files for TOSSIM.
Has the following errors when I run make micaz sim in directory rather
micaz Blink.

/ usr / lib / ncc / deputy_nodeputy.h: 4:20: error: stddef.h: No such file
or directory
/ usr / lib / ncc / nesc_nx.h: 62:22: error: inttypes.h: No such file or

And this is after several mistakes, I think this happened because of an

I am using TinyOS 2.1.1 on ubuntu 12.04.

When I run make mica micaz, don't have problems.

Please help me!!!!!

Gustavo Zanatta Bruno
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