[Tinyos-help] ACK problem between TelosB and Iris in Low Power Listening

Haas.1, H. de h.d.haas.1 at student.tue.nl
Wed Aug 15 03:48:36 PDT 2012


Does anybody knows how fix to ACK problem between TelosB and Iris in Low Power listening. I have implemented the standard IPBasestation and UDPEchoC applications with LPL enabled. The solutions mentioned in http://mail.millennium.berkeley.edu/pipermail/tinyos-help/2009-April/039603.html do not solve the problem.
Things I have tried:
-	Enabling CC2420_HW_ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS in BaseStation mode
-	Changing SOFTWAREACK_TIMEOUT to 1000, 1600, 2400, or 3000 on Iris mode.
All combinations result in a 50-80% packet loss with ping6. While TelosB to TelosB communication has a packet loss of 0-5% with the same application.
Is there a way to fix this problem?


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