[Tinyos-help] Any simple example for Telosb Uart and Radio Communications in the same code?

WSNDeveloper WSN wsndeveloper at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 04:22:33 PDT 2012

Hi guys,

I am trying to get data from UART0 in Telosb and then send this data via
Radio to basestation. In order to do this, I have tested Uart0
communication without Radio components in the code and worked fine. A
sucessful result was also gotten when I tried just with Radio components
(without using UartStream components). But when I try to call
UartStream.send() after a command via Radio is received by Telosb I can not
see any byte sent from the mote via Uart0.

I have read a lot of threads in TinyOS e-mail list but I continue without
having very clear how I should use Resource component and when I should
call the Resource methods.

I have been using in my program UartStream and Resource components as I did
with Uart previous program but it does not work now with Radio

Any example in which makes use of Resource and UartStream interfaces with
Radio communication would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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