[Tinyos-help] Question concerning Tiny-3-TLS

Conny Schmitt laptopcss at gmx.de
Thu Aug 23 05:00:06 PDT 2012

Hallo together,

during my research for secure communciation in WSNs I found the following paper:

"Tiny 3-TLS: A Trust Delegation Protocol for
Wireless Sensor Networks" published in ESAS 2006, LNCS 4357, pp. 32–42, 2006.

I am now interested in the program code but the published author addresses do not work anymore.

Thus, I want to ask YOU:
- Do you have the program code and share it with me?
- Do you have updated contacts for the authors Sepideh Fouladgar, Bastien Mainaud, Khaled Masmoudi, and Hossam Afifi ?

Thanks for help,

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