[Tinyos-help] McuSleep with TinyOs 2.1.0 ( Tinynode platform - MSP430 )

Enrico Giarola giarola at disi.unitn.it
Fri Aug 24 03:17:12 PDT 2012

Dear All,

  I am using Tinyos 2.1.0 on the tinynode platform.
My code is very complex, but on a specific node, most of times, there is 
only a timer active (I make some computations, start the RadioControl, 
send a message and stop the RadioControl).
In the RadioContol.stopDone event I put the "atomic call 
McuSleep.sleep();" but the consumption of the tinynode remains 2 mA.
In the Tinynode Datasheet this consumption is declared when the MSP430 
is active.

I define the component in this way:
components McuSleep;
FirmwareC.McuSleep -> McuSleepC.McuSleep;

Is it corret that in this configuration the MSP430 remains active?

What should I do to put the MSP430 in sleep mode?

Best Regards
Enrico Giarola

Enrico Giarola, Junior Researcher
ELEDIA Research Center
University of Trento - DISI
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Tel.:   +39 0461 28 3922 @ DISI
Fax.:   +39 0461 28 3922
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