[Tinyos-help] Need help on using MIG to generating multiple packet object

Qiao Xiang xiangq27 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 17:51:59 PST 2013

Hi All,

I am trying to use MIG to generate java class to listen to packets in
serial commuincation. I follow the tutorial in the following link


and everything works out in the *BlinkToRadio* example. However, I wonder
if I can extend the instructions in the tutorial to generate two java
classes listen to two types of packets separately.

To do this, I change my MAKEFILE from the old one:

*CLEAN_EXTRA = *.class BlinkToRadioMsg.java*

*BlinkToRadioMsg.class: BlinkToRadioMsg.java*
*         javac -source 1.4 -target 1.4 BlinkToRadioMsg.java*

*         mig java -target=null -java-classname=BlinkToRadioMsg
BlinkToRadio.h BlinkToRadioMsg -o $@*

by adding the following codes:

*EXTRAMsg.class: EXTRAMsg.java*
*         javac -source 1.4 -target 1.4 EXTRAMsg.java*

*         mig java -target=null -java-classname=EXTRAMsg BlinkToRadio.h
EXTRAMsg -o $@*

Besides, I also did the following things to the nc code:

1. defined the EXTRAMsg struct in BlinkToRadio.h
2. define a new component:

*components new SerialAMSenderC(AM_EXTRAMSG) as SerialAMEXTRA;*

and wire:

*App.EXTRASend ->SerialAMEXTRA;*

3. defiend a new Timer1:
4. call EXTRASend.send when Timer1.fired() just as the code called
AMSend.send when Timer0.fired().

The whole program complied successfully. But when I try to run it on
Indriya testbed at NUS. I uploaded .exe file and two .class files. And
there is no data collected back.

Could anyone help me to see if this is due to some errors in my code, the
constraint of MIG listening, or the constraint of Indriya? Thank you very


Qiao Xiang
PhD candidate
Department of Computer Science
Wayne State University
5057 Woodward Avenue, Suite 3010
Detroit, MI 48202
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