[Tinyos-help] TinyOS 2.x GDB dollar sign

Addisu Z. Taddese addisu at isis.vanderbilt.edu
Mon Dec 23 13:27:22 PST 2013


Looking at this website (
http://www.tinyos.net/tinyos-1.x/doc/nesc/nesc-debugging.html), it looks
like GDB, at one point, supported mapping nesC names to C names such that
M$F maps to function F in module M so that one doesn't have to write M__F.
When I try to do this with my copy of msp430-gdb (v 7.2), it comes back
with a "No symbol in current context" error. Does anyone know how I can get
this functionality back?


Addisu Z. Taddese
Ph.D. Student
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department
Vanderbilt University
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